Dental Tooth Shade Matching

LED Shade Matching Light

Avoid remakes, control lighting and get the right shade everytime.

Getting the right dental tooth shade the first time is never a trivial task for even the finest practitioner. Ambient light, everyday stress and even gender all combine to play a role in the success of the shade-taking process. By providing a "neutral" light environment around the restorative area, the process can be greatly simplified.

To be their best, your restorations must match natural tooth color - a difficult job under artificial lights and changing day-light conditions. For consistent esthetic color perception from day to day, patient to patient, operatory to lab, the Rite·lite™ LED Shade Matching Light is a must. Rite·lite produces an even circle of natural light (5500°K equivalent) directly over patients' mouths.

By providing a "neutral" light environment around the restorative area, the shade matching process can be greatly simplified, helping deliver your best and avoid costly remakes! Only 7" long, Rite·lite operates on two AA batteries for total portability without cumbersome cords. It has an array of six white LED lights that are rated for 30,000 hours of life. Solid steel casing provides lasting durability and may be surface disinfected.

The Rite-Lite provides the means to avoid remakes – due to improper shade choice, and the savings can be measured in hundreds of dollars, not to mention the embarrassment to the doctor, as well as the inconvenience to the patient.

LED Dental Shade Matching Light features:

  • Portability
  • 5500 degree K
  • Low Cost
  • Controlled viewing
  • Easy to use
  • Neutralizing Color Tabs included
  • L.E.D.Light Source
  • Battery Operated

LED Dental Shade Matching Light benefits:

  • No cumbersome cords
  • Simulates north sky daylight
  • Pays for itself in one remake
  • On/Off button doesn’t need to be held down
  • Eliminates color distraction in the oral cavity
  • Eliminates outside color sources from interfering with shade selection
  • No warm up time required
  • Takes 2 AA batteries
  • L.E.D. provides 30,000 hours of life