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Dennis Braunston, Founder

“Join us for an unforgettable tour of Italy and a powerful Dental Photography Workshop designed to grow your practice.”

- Dennis Braunston
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Explore off-the-path Italian treasures, drink fabulous wine, eat mouth-watering pasta and enjoy the latest in dental technology on an unforgettable Italian adventure designed by Dennis Braunston of the Dental Learning Centers and his Italian friend Alessandra Gardino of M&G Expeditions. Besides attending world-class dental seminars in ancient places, you will learn that “local knowledge” is what it’s all about in Italy thanks to the old-world family connections of Alessandra, a countess from one of Central Italy’s oldest families. One of your dental seminars will be held in Alessandra’s private 150 room palace in Italy’s best restored medieval village!

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Dental Learning Centers Continuing Education Event Information:

Course Overview:

This exciting Dental Learning Centers Workshop Event will focus on digital dental photography and imaging. You and your staff can live it up in Italy while you build your team’s expertise and profitability in an inspiring and relaxing environment.

CE's: 9

CE’s Days in Class:

October 23, October 25 and October 28

Level of skill required:

Beginner; For Dentists, Hygienists and Office Staff.

What you'll learn:

  • Learn the keys to digital technology integration
  • Learn digital camera types, similarities,differences and operation
  • Learn hands-on dental photography:
    • Portrait
    • Intraoral
    • Laboratory communication
    • Oral Mucosa screening
  • Computer organization
  • Patient presentation
  • Learn to improve your recreational photography

Benefits for your practice:

  • Grow your cosmetic cases
  • Increase profitability through efficiency
  • Build team dynamics and high production
  • Create better patient relationships through good fits, color matches and time savings
  • Take accurate photos consistently
  • Create persuasive patient presentations
  • Relax and learn in a unique setting
  • Enhance patient presentations

For detailed course, tour & pricing information
call or click:

(503) 715-5583

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