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Dennis Braunston, Founder

“Join us for an unforgettable tour and a powerful Dental Photography Workshop designed to grow your practice.”

- Dennis Braunston
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Experienced, concise, and over 18 years of digital dental camera technology experience, the founder of Dental Learning Centers brings new meaning to dental photography education.

Blend fun with the state-of-the-art learning. Dennis has lectured and conducted AGD digital dental photography workshops at various national and regional dental conferences. He was interviewed by Crown Council as its Mentor of the Month and with Dr. Woody Oaks in the Profitable Dentist Talk Series. Dennis also authored "Digital Technology and Laboratory Communication" in Contemporary Esthetics.

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Caribbean Cruise
Dental Learning Centers Continuing Education Event Information:

Course Overview:

Present it right and they will say yes! Grow Your Practice: understanding why patients say yes.

Making dental images and knowing how to utilize them are a major element in expanding cosmetic and other elective dental services. Digital dental imaging allows the practice to provide better treatment planning, legal documentation, record keeping and laboratory communication.

Most course attendees understand the basic benefits of digital images, but don’t understand the power of digital dental images nor the procedural steps or skills in place to achieve them. Step by step procedures and the hands-on nature of the course help make clear the process from procurement to presentation to benefits.
What is provided: Digital cameras; Digital Photography Made Simple workbook (Yours to keep); Presentation template software; Professional mirrors and r etractors.

CE's: 14

CE’s Days in Class:

February 25, February 28, and March 2

Level of skill required:

Beginner; For Dentists, Hygienists and Office Staff.

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, attendees will know…

  • The standard dental photo series and how to achieve it
  • The difference between intraoral and digital cameras
  • The basics of optimal camera settings
  • Why and how to incorporate dental photos into a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan
  • How to increase case acceptance through the effective use of dental photos
  • Hands on Extraoral Photography
  • Learn image editing and archiving
  • Learn to create a Patient Visual Case Presentation

Benefits for your practice:

Digital Intraoral Photography Made Simple

  • Learn the keys to improving your recreational photography
  • Learn technology integration
  • Learn digital camera essentials…Choosing the right camera, how to tune your camera
  • Hands-on Photography
  • Learn Laboratory photography techniques and computerized shade analysis
  • Portraits
  • Close –up series: Natural smile, retracted anterior; upper/lower occlusal; buccal corridor lateral views
  • Find What You Want—When You Want…Computer Organization
  • Import, store, organize, edit, retrieve, annotate and present images to your patient
  • Learn Simulated patient Imaging
  • Set up your own archiving system and view dental imaging software
  • Learn to create professional patient print outs
  • Connecting with your patient
  • Team involvement
  • Understanding patient psychology of decision making
  • Lead…don’t push. The difference between engaging and manipulating
  • Learn to elicit desires with the art of listening
  • Understanding expectations…theirs, not yours!

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