Dental Photography Course Argentina
Dennis Braunston, Founder

“Join us for an unforgettable tour and a powerful Dental Photography Workshop designed to grow your practice.”

- Dennis Braunston
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Travel with the Dental Learning Centers to the great country of Argentina.You will be enchanted by the refined culture of Buenos Aires, the unforgettable red wines of Mendoza and the natural wonders of Argentine Patagonia. This trip combines the urban excitement of Buenos Aires (including an intimate introduction to Tango) with the tranquil beauty of Calafate (where giant Andean glaciers meet the great lakes of Argentine Patagonia) and the simple beauty of Mendoza’s wine country - the region of the world where the French grape Malbec found a more suitable home. A trip extension will also be offered to Iguazu Falls, one of the natural world’s greatest wonders!

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Course Overview:

Join Dennis Braunston, an expert in the field of Dental Digital Photography, as he leads attendees through the dental photography process from procurement to presentation, demonstrating how clinical photography can improve both our dental practice and the provision of comprehensive patient care for our patients.

This course covers basic clinical photography principles, as well as the benefits and challenges of incorporating dental photography into the dentists daily clinical practice. Attendees will view a live dental photography demonstration, participate in treatment planning exercises and have hands-on photography opportunities.

  • Rationale for incorporating digital dental photos into comprehensive dental diagnosis and treatment planning
  • How GPs can use dental photos to augment diagnosis and appropriately document treatment plans
  • The standard dental photos every dental chart should include, and how these photos reduce clinicians’ risk
  • The impact pictures have on patient understanding and case acceptance, and how clinicians use photos to enhance their case presentation most effectively
  • Intraoral vs. digital: a summary of similarities and differences between the two types of camera technology

CE's: 14

CE’s Days in Class:

January 15, 17, & 19

Level of skill required:

Beginner; For Dentists, Hygienists and Office Staff.

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, attendees will know…

  • The standard dental photo series and how to achieve it
  • The difference between intraoral and digital cameras
  • The basics of optimal camera settings
  • Why and how to incorporate dental photos into a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan
  • How to increase case acceptance through the effective use of dental photos
  • Hands on Extraoral Photography
  • Learn image editing and archiving
  • Learn to create a Patient Visual Case Presentation

Benefits for your practice:

  • Grow your cosmetic cases
  • Increase profitability through efficiency
  • Build team dynamics and high production
  • Create better patient relationships through good fits, color matches and time savings
  • Take accurate photos consistently
  • Create persuasive patient presentations
  • Relax and learn in a unique setting
  • Enhance patient presentations

For detailed course, tour & pricing information
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