Building practices with knowledge and fun

Dennis Braunston, Founder, Dental Learning Centers

Experienced, concise, and over 18 years of digital dental camera technology experience, the founder of Dental Learning Centers brings new meaning to dental photography education.

Blend fun with the state-of-the-art learning. Dennis has lectured and conducted AGD digital dental photography workshops at various national and regional dental conferences. He was interviewed by Crown Council as its Mentor of the Month and with Dr. Woody Oaks in the Profitable Dentist Talk Series. Dennis also authored "Digital Technology and Laboratory Communication" in Contemporary Esthetics.

Making dental images and knowing how to utilize them are a major element in expanding cosmetic and other elective dental services. Digital dental imaging allows the practice to provide better treatment planning, legal documentation, record keeping and laboratory communication.

Most course attendees understand the basic benefits of digital images, but don’t understand the power of digital dental images nor the procedural steps or skills in place to achieve them. Step by step procedures and the hands-on nature of the course help make clear the process from procurement to presentation to benefits.

“As the Executive Director of Detroit District Dental Society, it is my responsibility to see the annual conference is a success. Having the opportunity to have Dennis Braunston to help make that happen, is a feather in our hats for our members and their staff. Here are a couple of actual comments from the participants:

“Dennis made the hands on activities help so much. This is one of the best seminars ever attended.”

“I’ve done intra-oral since 1974 and this was an excellent program and the hands-on made a valuable adjunct to the program material for the participants.”

– Sherri M. Doig
Executive Director
Detroit District Dental Society
Detroit, MI

“Hosting a Dental Learning Centers workshop with dentists has proved to be a great way to introduce digital photography and shade communication to our clients. With Dental Learning Centers simple approach to photography and affordable camera packages, our clients are now willing and able to take accurate photos without spending a fortune on gear. We also have noticed a definite decrease in remakes due to shade changes.”

- Kenneth D. Jones, CDT
New Creation Dental Studio, LLC
Buffalo, New York